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OccultScientist AKA Toby started the site in 2012 when he was looking for an effective route to cut down on his cigarette consumption.

He joined the UK Vapers forum as a source of information for these new products. When the site was temporarily shut down, he used his knowledge of web development to set up a temporary refuge for forum members to continue their discussions. The new site had a friendly and helpful atmosphere and many of the vapers using the forum wanted to stay even when the UKV forum was resurrected and the site was then renamed to Planet of the Vapes by communiuty vote and has now turned into the largest UK vaping forum and news outlet.


In 2014 the site had grown massively and vaping was starting to become more widely acknowledged as an effective method for smoking cessation – at this time Dave Junglist joined Toby as co-owner of the site to help manage the day to day running of the site and forum.

Purplefowler (michelle to her friend’s) bought her first vaping device on 14th July 2011 and hasn’t smoked since. Being a bit nerdy, she started looking online for advice on general vaping and found some good U.K. forums who were mostly populated with bearded real ale drinkers with holes in their hand knitted jumpers and geeky women (michelle was one of the latter as her beard growing skills were lacking!).

When her usual forum closed, she found herself in a brave new world full of excitement that something fresh and new was happening. A few days later she somehow found herself on the moderating team and is still not really sure how that happened. Even stranger, she slowly worked her way up to admin and now helps behind the scenes, liasing with vendors and coordinating social media but she can still be found making smutty comments on the forum.

Rob found POTV shortly after he starting vaping. He had become a member of UKV but ended up here and stayed. He has have always been rather more drawn to some of the more quirky aspects of vaping such as Genesis style Atties which fed his love of Mesh as a wicking agent.

He says: "Hardly the most adventurous of the Team as I found what I liked fairly early on and tend to stay pretty much within my self imposed boundaries but will always offer assistance wherever I can to new users and new forum members."

Miss Pepper, aka Pepper; named after one of her cats and then took on the 'Miss' when it was jokingly suggested by a member.

She took up vaping in November 2013 and joined the forum a few weeks after due to breaking her second ego set-up. In March 2014 she joined the team treating the members like part of her family, or naughty school kids if they misbehave!

Often found hiding behind vape clouds watching the world go by.

ZT - Martyn started vaping somewhere in 2012 ... about a month or two before the original Iteration of this site in fact. Started on a Vape Stick and progressed to the Egos shortly after that after watching Many of iGetcha69s Vids.

I briefly joined another forum - which for various reasons was taken down pretty much a couple of days after I joined - and that's how I came across this place - which was set up as a place for its old members to go - I think I joined here a day or 3 after it started - I dunno .. its all a bit hazy!
Anyhoo - for some reason I was suggested as a Moderator, so .. that happened.

Being involved in the trade I like to think that gives me a bit of insight to help the admins out occasionally, on things from within the industry.

In all this time Ive steadfastly stuck to being an MTL vapour .. and think simplicity and ease is the key to a good vaping experience.

Bellyman without the belly - In the real world he's Matt.

Started vaping at the end of 2014 with cigalikes but his lack of knowledge brought him to POTV and someone with a lack of knowledge made him a moderator!

Matt says:

"Ex-Pat vagrant mincing around Europe. Happiest tooting on high nic salts in something tiny and poddy, I float around the nic salts section pretending to do something moddy :) That rhymes! :D"

JustDave. Surprisingly Dave in real life, started vaping in late 2012 and signed up in 2013 when he started looking at bigger and better things and hasn't really moved on since 2013.

Somewhere along the line he ended up as a mod and immediately decided to enjoy the power and do none of the work. He is the mod that you forgot he was a mod!

Expect to see more of him soon.

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