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Feb 26, 2013
I Have been using this Hong Kong based eliquid supplier for over 2 years now. They only supply De Kang liquid and appeared to be doing a lot of business in the States. In my second last order to them, 4 bottles were replaced by another flavour and a 30ml bottles were replaced by 3x10ml bottles. No big deal.
In my last order to them in Dec 2015, I asked for 19x30ml bottles with 4 different flavours. What I got was 19 bottles of the same flavour but 2 different strengths which I cannot tell what they are because the strength labels have been removed.

Reading between the lines, I see a company that is on its way out and is just shovelling out anything to customers to get some cashflow. So, this thread is a warning not to use them or you will be disappointed.
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