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Sbs mechs


Feb 8, 2019
OK I have a hankering for a sbs mech, tbh mainly because I think a nice polished stainless one, or at least stainless around the 510 and base, would look awesome with an atti or 2 I have (which is a f ing stupid reason to spend money but there you go)

2 questions, I am struggling to find much out there, needs to look good with a 22mm ati but also be 21700

Any suggestions

Vs a hybrid tube (all things being equal which obviously they are not), what would the voltage drop be like?
Tbh on this I am kinda thinking on average a sbs would perform similar to a squonk mech (in that there will be a bar or similar to loop round the mod from the bottom to the 510

(The reason I ask the second question is I have seen some that are convertible from tube to sbs, and the thought occurs that the tube will outperform the sbs kinda making the whole thing just a posers vape
I can't think of many SBS Mechs that are around these day to be honest? There was a Mech made by a company that's name escapes me at the moment but....... an 18650.
There are still some Evosticks out in the wild, but again, 18650s And there are a few Gizmos around, one of which I own.

Alternatively, IF you can find one, there's the Ambition Mods "Converter.

OR the Tiny Dicodes Dani Mini

The Converter and the Dani are both regulated Mods.
Not any more ;)
I own 3 conventional Mods and 3 AIOs, that's it these days.
Carol however............... Whole different story :D
Out of those picture, the second one of the converter I guess is the most appealing, near to what I am looking for. Though actually I like the look of most dicodes stuff, mini dani whatever, I just don't like a chip, especially on a single battery mod as it isn't powerful enough (compared to 4.2v on a .11 or so coil (which is why 21700 as well (need the amps)

Things I know of

Era by angry fox- tbh too much delrin
Spring fire by caveman- don't mind cerakote but want a bit more steel , huge voltage drop due to spring in sbs, don't like the 2 tubes glued to coaster look, also expensive
One I found last night looked good, close to what I want called a meck sider by undercode,

But all these are 18650

There is a German one from a few years back which was proper high end , gonna have a look through Todd's reviews see if that's where I saw it. Was polished stainless top and bottom with black delrin in between, but I think maybe you could swap the delrin out for wood burr. Was in the 500 euro region and even though full mech did have a soldiered wire taking the positive "round the corner) to the 510, instead of the standard squonk style bar. Did have a clicky switch though instead of (again squonk style) loose button pushing sprung bar
Still 18650 though
Not any more ;)
I own 3 conventional Mods and 3 AIOs, that's it these days.
Carol however............... Whole different story :D
Well done for weening yourself off, unfortunately like Carol, I have issues occasionally
Also minoan Labrys but I am confusing myself as to which was the old school favourite. Might have been a different reviewer, was bought second hand out their own money I seem to remember
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