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Taste Creator & Sales Rep. for our Dubai office

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Aug 13, 2018
FLAVORIQ DMCC is a young and dynamic company in the vape flavouring industry looking to expand its team in the Dubai head office. The selected candidate will have taste creator duties as well as sales responsibilities which will allow for visits at various international trade shows.

The main responsibilities for the taste creator aspect of the position include:
- Testing and assessing new flavor samples;
- Taste design: formulation of e-liquids recipes using different flavor blocks;
- Writing flavor recipes for the lab;
- Developing new e-liquid formulations in close collaboration with customers;
- Coordinating the reception of samples and maintaining a flavor library and vape laboratory;
- Researching trends and assessing samples for inspiration and benchmarking against internal products.​

And the responsibilities for the sales representative aspect include:
- Organizing travel to the trade show and all it entails (flights, visit passes, accommodation, etc.);
- Visiting / exhibiting at trade shows and representing FLAVORIQ in a professional and brand-appropriate manner;
- Customer acquisition activities;
- Networking and introducing new contacts to our products and services to generate sales;
- Writing after-show reports and following-up on ensuing projects.​

The desired candidate should:
- Hold a bachelor’s degree in any discipline (chemical background or basic understanding of e-liquids formulations, a plus;)
- Have excellent knowledge and interest in flavors for vape – experience working in the industry is a plus!
- Ideally come from a sales background and have great people skills;
- Hold a passport which allows the candidate to freely travel internationally;
- Be comfortable with regular travels for up to 1-2 weeks at a time;
- Be fluent in English (any other language an advantage);
- Demonstrate creation leadership, be imaginative and responsive;
- Be professional, able to maintain strict confidentiality and to represent to FLAVORIQ brand.​
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A lot of companies that wish to have employees from outside Dubai give free accommodation as part of the salary package.
No such thing in Dubai?

No tax in Dubai either, but you have to be clever, otherwise you will be liable for tax in this country unless you meet the "not a UK resident" rules.
So basically you cant move there for a year, and rent your house out, as that is still hounted as having a residence here.
Same thing applied when my group were working in Bulgaria, but in those days things were more relaxed here, pretty much all you had to do then was prove you were not in the UK for at least 183 days a year.
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Move me Alfie my workshop and liz( could be a deal breaker) and I will start Monday.....
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