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UKV Atomizer


Jul 14, 2013
Machined in Medical Grade 2 Titanium (commercially pure)
15mm diameter
Made with 1ml or 2ml tank (or both)
3 top cap designs
1,2 or 3 wicks/coils (3mm threaded wick holes)
3 grounding holes (all open to tank to enable them to be used as fillers/breathers.
Tip is also Titanium. Standard size, so can fit any tip.

BTW, the first 2 pics are of Stealthvape's atty. I was building these atomisers in Aluminium. Until Rob sent me some Titanium for a Christmas prezi. I didn't even know it was coming. So there I was in the shed freezing the bollocks off on Christmas wk machining him an atty in Ti. I had never machined Ti before, so a novelty for me. Whilst I was at it, that hex driver in the pic, I made out of 316 stainless. Everyone else got an allen key :-)

Robs atty.jpgRobs atty 5.jpgSimon's atty pic 6.jpg2ml + 1 FLASH 3.jpg30th April.jpgTitanium UKVA.jpg
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no Sam ,brass is high maintenance ,,brushed stainless all the way for me ,i`m a lazy get who always has dirty hands :D

The wonders of clear coat ;)
(And, sorry for hi-jacking the thread slightly!)
But... I need a lathe :P
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