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Further update .. I have got this to vape as high as 70/30 but tbh I find myself making 60/40 mixes as sometimes I can still get a nasty dry hit at 70/30.

Gutted because my PG intolerance is flaring up again .. swollen throat etc.

Guess this is a tank that gives great flavour and well worth the money for those who can handle the higher pg mixes. Unfortunately, I now have two that are prob going to gather dust :(

Sorry if I'm resurrecting a dead thread, but I dug out my Siegfried a few weeks ago and am absolutely loving it. Like you, I've found it a complete PITA to wick...but I've also recently got into RDAs in a big way, and I remembered that the Siegfried's manual showed it could be set up using normal coils instead of mesh.

I did exactly that.

I can't remember how many wraps I made it, but I'm using 3-28/38 SS316L wire with an ID of 3mm and it's reading 0.41 ohms. I'm running it on the dual-21700 Geekvape Aegis mod in TC mode...and it's incredible! No dry hits, chain-vaping, massive flavourful clouds, etc. My vape juice is homemade and around 82% VG.

Might be worth revisiting the back of your vaping cupboard...
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