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INNOKIN Redefines Pod System for a Sustainable Future with “Trine”

I don't know where this sits.... is it a non rechargeable pod, if so I can't see podders using it, will the disposable users bother to buy wee batteries or just chuck it away....Im no so sure, a lot will depend on price of whole unit v wee battery v disposable.

aye, you are right i reckon it’s no use to anybody. and if the disposable users do
buy wee batteries they’re no going to be recycling the old ones i doubt.
If a lithium battery can't be charged then you're still producing a single use lithium product. Yes the battery can be changed but why not give it a USB recharge facility so it can be re-used up to 200 times instead of being recycled after one use.

Sorry Innokin, normally I enjoy your products but I see this as a step sideways rather than a way ahead. It's great that the battery can be separated for easier recycling - sad that this system will send countless numbers of lithium cells that can be recharged to land fill after a single charge.
Thank you for your comment! We appreciate your engagement with our product, Trine. We want to clarify that Trine is designed to be both rechargeable and recyclable, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.
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