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Site Downtime in January / Possibly Early December


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Aug 1, 2012
Mrs Stealthvape / Emma has decided that 4 boys isn't enough so we're expecting a girl on the 7th January.

This means that at some point, probably with quite short notice the sites will be put into maintenance mode and orders received and not shipped at that point will face delays. Emails and phone calls will go unanswered but we'll have David monitoring social media channels.

Other than David on social media and some pretty special guys spooling wire reels it's still just myself and Emma running the show behind the scenes which means we have no other option other than to shut down for a bit while we welcome our little girl into the world.

In a perfect world we'll be having a home birth, the baby will shoot out like a cork from a Champagne bottle and the site will be back up a day later.

As a side note, Emma's been on leave the last couple of months and will be until March or so. This means double the workload for me. Currently I'm managing to keep up with orders and emails but Black Friday might throw a spanner in the works if we're super busy as with previous years.

Thanks for tuning in :)

Congrats Rob. Think it's time to buy a telly for those boring nights in :D.
All the best to Emma & yourself & the little miss, hope all goes well :2thumbsup:
Congratulations to ALL concerned Rob :) That's smashing news and has lifted my mood no end :)
I said it, I said it was a girl :D

Congrats Rob and Congrats Emma!
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