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Jul 17, 2012
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If you are creating pizza vapes or "Uber Butch Tobacco (with added testosterone)" vapes, you may never need this. For most of us though, sweetening is an essential part of mixing. I have a few eliquid recipes where the ingredients themselves are sweet enough, but the majority of my non tobacco vapes have some sweetener added.

I use ethyl maltol too, but its main purpose isn’t sweetening and this sweetener does what it says. It isn’t particularly strong, and importantly, doesn’t add any nasty artificialness. In most of the vapes where I use this it is at between 1 and 2.5% of total volume.

I have never used any other sweetener and would be very interested to read of the alternatives



Throat hit


I have no benchmark to gauge this against. It is available in bigger bottles (e.g 100ml) which increases its VFM.

Use as a mixing ingredient

This is what this is for.

Effects on tanks and atomizers and any known ‘nasties’



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Hi all, I tried the dodgy sounding ethyl maltol and thought it was good but it's candy flavored and wanted something which is sweet with no after taste and found this...

I've used it and it is magic, very sweet so little is needed and this bag should last a life time of vaping unless I start using it instead of sugar which is what I will end up doing. The important part of the plant is 80% or above - Rebaudioside A, which is pure sweetness and no bitter tainted after taste. Cheap Stevia is available elsewhere but it's inferior in quality and useless for Vapies.

Try it, it's dear but an investment for your juices and I highly recommend this as do many others.
Not done me any harm

Vape Superstore
Never heard of it... Remember, just because its safe to eat, doesnt make it safe to inhale :)

EM isn't dodgy and thousands of people use it :P
Howdy, leisurelisuids sells stevia in some form, I think it is okay, but the ebay link I have to check, you have to consider how it has been prepared

Don't quote me on this, but it would probably be like mixing ethyl maltol powder/crystals in pg/vg, to get a descent sweetener
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Hi Kurlmestoopid, don't fancy getting into a fight with you coz you look too cute but Stevia has been used in a big way over in USA and is about the best you could use, as far as purity goes. The pack I bought on Ebay is good, no aftertaste and 98% Rebaudioside A. Lovely mmmmm

Here's an interesting link if you fancy reading up on it!

Vaping Banana marshmallow ...nice and sweet
Thank you Jockyspants, gotta learn something new every day :D

Sounds quite interesting and will have to try it out :D
I have seen nothing in PAs research or on Clear Stream re stevia - whereas PA's sweetener (sucralose based) has been investigated.
Stevia has a long story of Conspiracy theories surrounding it :)
Actually, it was forbidden for some uses by the FDA for a while, and there was some indication that this might have been motivated by protectionist aims more than anything else.
There is a good article on Wikipedia about it.
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