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Review V Zone Preco Tank (sealed)


Apr 4, 2015

DJ's Mini review on the V Zone Preco Tank (sealed tank)

My own personal opinions were used in this review which may well differ from others.

A new innovation from V zone is the Preco tank.

A sealed tank that instead of throwing away the coil you just throw away the tank.

Now when this was first aired on the forum there was a lot of negative banter and feedback about plastic wastage and land fill as not recyclable due to having metal in it and maybe containing nicotine etc.

at first i thought it might be a sort of good idea for people with dexterity problems like arthritis as i know i have a few problems unscrewing a couple of my tanks so gave them the benefit of the doubt on this one. they soon picked up on this and used it to their advantage.

I ordered a box which contained 3 tanks for £12.50 and they arrived today so here goes.

Little rubber bung on the edge of the tank is not the easiest to get out if you've got fat fingers and no nails.
also mouthpiece is small bore like a mouth to lung driptip and not a wide bore like on most subtanks.

As the plastic tank is almost like a mirror the light shines of it and you cannot see that clearly where the juice line is. as this is a 2ml tank it doesn't take long to fill once you get the hang of it.

Sealed tank so cannot prime coil so leave to sit for 10 minutes.

Rated at 40-70w i started low to insure primed correctly. 5 puffs at 20w and 5 puffs at 30w and low and behold the tank was already half empty. 5 more puffs at 30w and i could not see any juice in the tank so turned it on its side and there was literally a couple of drops left. thinking about it this could be down to the mesh coil soaking up quite a bit of juice to start with.

Refilled with darker juice so i can see what im doing.

40w and here we go. its ok but average flavour.

50w getting warm already but more flavour. after 5 puffs mouthpiece is quite hot after 3 seconds.

60w very hot and max 2 seconds drag. any longer and lips on fire.

70w wish me luck. fook thats hot. 1-2 seconds max

For me its best at 45-55watts

So was it worth all the hype. in my personal opinion, no.

Like most, i hate 2ml tanks and running this at high wattage will mean filling at least 4 or 5 times on a night out. ill stick to my 7ml tanks that might need filling once.
Other option would be take all 3 tanks filled and just swap tank but then im guessing you will still need to take a bottle of juice with you just in case.

For people with dexterity problems. rubber bung is a bit fiddly to get out so defeats the object of me saying this could help people who cant undo tanks to change coils.

Mesh coil gives good flavour.

All in all not bad but i wouldn't buy them again.

update edit.

ive been using this since saturday and the flavour has been great. tried many flavours and they are all on point.
im having to refill every 20-30 minutes though as im running at 50watts so if you try higher wattage expect to refill even more often.
as i mentioned though, keep an eye on the level if you can actually see it as ive had a couple of times ive been running on fumes and literally no juice left in tank but still not had any dry hits.
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Great review there mate. Was looking to get my hands on them to do a review but I don't think I'll bother
Great review mate dont think i will be getting any myself as they are not my thing....
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thats exactly the same even down to the patern around the top.

yeah, that's what I thought. :)

It says 3ml there though, I wonder if they are selling them under different names/companies in the US and EU or something like that... but it's the same company, I've not heard of Sikary or Vzone before.
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