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Vandy Vape Pulse AIO v2 Review


Jun 2, 2014
Disclaimer: This is an independent review and I have no affiliations with POTV, Sourcemore or Vandy Vape, nor am I getting paid to review this.

Up for review today we have the Vandy Vape Pulse AIO v2, kindly supplied by @Sourcemore. This is a collaboration between Vandy Vape and YouTube personality Tony B, who have worked together for many years on various different “Pulse” branded products. Whilst this particular device is named the V2, it is actually the 5th version of the popular Pulse AIO. So, is it a hit or miss? Let’s find out…




-Aluminium body
-Resistance Range: 0.05-3.0Ω(±5%)
-0.42" OLED Screen
-18650 battery
-5-80W power range
-6ml RBA tank, honeycomb airflow intake
-IP67 PCBA waterproof rating
-Wattage Mode, Voltage Mode, TC Mode, Bypass Mode
-Red, Violet, Black, Sakura Pink, Klein Blue, Celeste (green)

Box Contents:

-Pulse AIO V2 device
-Pulse V2 RBA
-4x Airflow pins (1.5, 2.0, 3.0 and 4mm)
-3x Drip Tip Airflow Inserts
-2x Drip Trips
-510 Adapter
-Accessories Bag
-Instruction Manual
-Warranty Card



As you can see from the photos, the kit is well packaged and includes everything you need other than cotton, coils and a battery. The original models did include a stock coil tank and two push fit VVC coils so it’s a bit of a shame to see these aren’t included this time around, but I suspect most potential buyers would either use the included RBA or one of their own anyway.

Moving on to the device itself, the V2 is all metal unlike the Pulse AIO, AIO.5 and Pulse Mini. This is a big improvement over the previous models which were plastic and prone to cracking around the flush nut. It feels great in the hand too, with a well placed fire button and good weight to it. I did initially think it seemed a bit odd having the screen and adjustment buttons on the opposite side however I can appreciate this was done for space reasons. It just takes a little getting used to after using the old Pulse models for so long.

As for the panels, whilst the honeycomb airflow holes are a nice touch they do feel a little bit on the cheap side although there’s not rattle or wobble on mine which is a always a bonus. The magnets are no longer in the corners this time around, which should hopefully stop them falling out. Aftermarket and custom panels are already starting to appear too which is great for those who like to customise and personalise their devices.

Another big improvement over the older models is the negative battery connection, which is now the screw type. In a further effort to reduce the overall size of the device, Vandy Vape have decided to omit the USB-C port from the V2. We should all be using external chargers anyway (you do that, right?), however the ability to charge the battery in the device in an emergency is always handy so it’s a little bit of a shame to see it go. Vandy don’t do firmware updates so that’s a non-issue. The V2 also retains the adjustable 510 pin from the previous models, which is helpful for getting a good connection with certain tanks/RBAs.

Next up is the integrated drip tip, which is styled after the Mission XV v2 with removable airflow inserts and a replaceable sleeve style mouthpiece held securely in place by two o-rings. I must say, I’m a big fan of this and have settled on the medium insert as my favourite. It’s super comfortable to use and the black on black looks great. Should you prefer your own drip tip, you can still use any flush nuts that are compatible with the original Pulse models as Vandy Vape have kept the same thread pitch for the V2. That may mean any Billet Box flush nuts may not work, but that’s always been the case with the Pulse devices.

Finally we move onto the RBA, which many of you may notice bears more than passing resemblance to the Mobb M2 by Monarchy. Personally I’d say it’s more of a tribute than a straight copy as there are some subtle differences, mainly the parallel posts which make installing and adjusting your coil much easier. More on builds later, but I tried a variety of coils and had no trouble with any. The RBA also fits in other boro tanks, and all the other RBAs I tried also fit in the Pulse’s tank, so you’re free to mix and match as you please. Speaking of the tank what comes with the kit, I really like it. The base is held firmly in place by the o-rings and forms a good seal with no leaks. It’s super easy to fill too. Top marks for that!




Using the Pulse V2:

I won’t bore you with all the menu functions but it’s the usual x3 clicks on/x3 clicks off affair with other features and puff counter reset etc accessed by various button combinations. I exclusively use wattage mode on all my mods so that’s all I tested with the Pulse. Voltage, TC and Bypass are available too though, if that’s how you like to vape.

Installing a coil couldn’t be easier, and with the included 510 adapter you can do it in the Pulse itself with no need to pop the RBA base on another mod or build tab. I tried 2.5mm round wire MTL coils, a variety of 2.5mm Clapton and Alien RDL coils and even a 3.0mm Sandvik and the RBA worked great with all of them, providing excellent flavour with both nic salts and 70/30 freebase liquids. Wicking is incredibly easy too, just pull your cotton through, pop on the cap, cut a few mm from the edges and then fluff it up. I like my MTL quite loose so the smallest included airflow pin (1.5mm) was perfect for me, especially combined with the smallest drip tip insert. However, those who like a tighter MTL draw may be left disappointed that there’s no 0.8 or 1mm pins included. As for RDL and DL, these are covered with the 3 and 4mm pins, and again can be combined with different drip tip insert to find your perfect draw. I must say, I was really impressed with the RBA and hope that at some point Vandy Vape decided to sell it separately.

One issue that the efforts to reduce space has introduced is that condensation can now build up and run down into the battery compartment and behind the inner panels. Now, let’s not kid ourselves… all enclosed boro devices suffer from condensation however the removal of the wall between the tank and battery in the Pulse V2 means you’re likely to be reaching for the kitchen roll at least once a day depending on what build you have in the tank. Obviously RDL and DTL builds produce more vapour and therefor more condensation, with higher ohm/lower power MTL builds being less of an issue. I also tried a Bishop Cubed RBA and noticed much less condensation with that, as the airflow is on the front and back of the base rather than via open sided airflow pins at the bottom. Condensation can also be reduced slightly by continuing your draw for a moment after you finish pressing the fire button, which helps clear out some of the residual vapour. You're still going to have to clean it out every so often though, and I found myself taking all the panels off and giving it clean when changing builds. At least the chip is IP rated!


Despite that, I really enjoyed using the Pulse V2 and included RBA and can see myself using it as my main boro device going forward. I even ordered some custom CarrotLabs panels for it, something I never did for my Pulse AIO or AIO.5 and I’ve had those since first release.



Excellent value, you get a lot for your money!
Very easy to use
The included RBA is impressive
I really like the integrated drip tip
Feels great in the hand


-Doesn’t cater to tight MTL out the box
-Condensation can build up in the battery section and behind the inner panels.
-Outer panels feel a little bit cheap
-Not strictly a con but a 21700 version would be nice! I wasn't one of those who complained about the original!


When you consider the price that most boro devices sell for these days it’s hard to fault the Pulse V2, especially considering everything that is included in the kit. Vandy Vape and Tony B have addressed many of the problems with the original models and created what I think is almost the perfect device as someone who like loose MTL and RDL. Had it not been for the condensation issue and lack of smaller MTL airflow pins I would have probably scored it a 9.5 out of 10. However, there’s no denying these issues so with that in mind I feel an 8 is the fairest score I can give. Still highly recommended though, as all boro devices come with their own compromises.

Score: 8/10

Thanks again to @Sourcemore for supplying this device for review. You can purchase it via the link below:

Vandy Vape Pulse AIO V2 Kit 80W (sourcemore.com)

Discount Code: VVV2 $57.29 - Vandy Vape Pulse AIO V2 Kit(Black)
Nice review, I think you covered it really well. I'm enjoying mine apart from the condensation. Might have to find some new doors for mine as yours looks awesome!
Nice review, I think you covered it really well. I'm enjoying mine apart from the condensation. Might have to find some new doors for mine as yours looks awesome!

Thank you!

Yeah the condensation can be a bit annoying, although I tend to use mine mostly for MTL which doesn't cause it to build up as much, especially with the new panels.

Look up CarrotLabs or STAXX on Facebook for custom panels. Loads of designs and colours to chose from ;)
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