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VapeFly Jester Pro Pod Review


May 27, 2023

Thanks to Daisy from Vapefly for sending me this product to review!

Check it out on their website:


Disclaimer: This review is my own thoughts and I am not associated with anyone at Vapefly, nor am I being paid to write this review.


In the box:

  • Jester Pro * 1

  • 0.6 ohm cartridge * 1

  • Type-C cable * 1

  • User manual * 1

  • Lanyard * 1



  • 3 mL Pod Capacity

  • 1000 mAh

  • Side Refill

  • Max 25W Output Power

  • Airflow Adjustment

  • Auto-draw & Fire Button

  • 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2 ohm options



I really love love love the design of this device. I got this amazing metallic pink looking one and it immediately caught my eye. Yes, I am one that likes stealth vapes every once in a while. Just basic black or gray ones, but if you’ve been through a lot of basic stick vapes like I have, it doesn’t hurt to get some in some flashy colors sometimes. I really appreciated that.


Pods (same as Jester II)

The device originally comes with one pod 0.6 ohm. Daisy from vapefly was kind enough to send me pods from all the resistances, so I could fully try and review the device in all of its glory. The 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2 ohm pods are sold separately.

The 0.6 ohm pod is also suitable for RDL style vaping, but I use all of these pods MTL. The difference in airflow and tightness is there, but it’s not huge. The difference in ohms is better noticeable in flavor, with the 0.6 and the 0.8 ohm version definitely having a more prominent flavor than the higher ohm pods.

I honestly like all of these pods. There are really up there with bigger named brands, but for some reason don’t seem to get the same recognition. I haven’t experienced any leaking, whatsoever. The side filling method with a rubber plug, might be a con to some people, but personally I am not really bothered by it. The capacity of the pods is 3ml, so I’m not filling pods more than once a day anyway.



Compared to the Jester II this device really is a step up. This one has a small screen and a button, which the Jester II did not. If you’re looking for a simple device without many adjustment options, the Jester II is the way to go. If you are like me and you like to have that little bit more control to adjust some other things like wattage and choose if you want to use a button or not, this Jester Pro is really more the way to go.

Battery life for a device this small is really good. Honestly up there with other small stick devices from the big brands. It would definitely get an average to above average vaper through the day, before needing to charge it.

The device also feels of good quality. It’s a bit heavier than the Jester II because the body is made from a sort of metal. I really like this feature, because it feels like you have little device of value and quality in your hands.



  • Adjustable airflow

  • Adjustable wattage

  • Autodraw or fire button

  • Smart mode or DIY mode

  • 3ml pod capacity

  • Good battery life

  • Charging port on the side

  • 4 different resistance options in pods

  • Pods for this and the jester II are interchangeable



  • Side filling

  • Pods may be hard to find in some markets



The Vapefly Jester Pro exceeded my expectations. Its sleek metallic pink design caught my eye, and the performance didn't disappoint. The various resistance pods provided by Daisy from Vapefly offered excellent flavor without any leaks. The device's adjustable airflow and wattage, along with its durable build and good battery life, make it a solid choice. While side filling may not suit everyone and finding pods in some markets could be a challenge, overall, the Jester Pro is a winner in my book. If you're after a reliable and customizable vaping experience, this device is worth considering.

Thanks again to Daisy from Vapefly for sending me this brand new device. It’s out now so don’t forget to check it out on their website!
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