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Working with Titanium wire.

Well been reading this thread and thought I'd give the titanium a go. Only problem is the only titanium wire I've got is some @stealthvape sent me many moons ago 0.15mm. Wrapped at 6 winds with 2.4 id to get a reading of 1.6ohms. Wicked her up and stuck on the koopor plus. Seems better than the temp control on the ni200.
Well just received some 0.5ti v2 wire in the post from @stealthvape, done an 8 wrap around a 2.4mm mandrel comes out at 0.22ohms working OK on the evic vtc, but was wondering what the TCR figure was so I can use on the koopor plus. Cheers
A few observations..

Vacuum annealed titanium seems (almost) as easy as kanthal to work with. I find wrapping fused claptons much easier with it as the thin outer wire stays pretty straight when you unspool enough for the wrap which makes cleaning it and avoiding loops, snags and kinks easy. Titanium seems to take the abuse involved when you straighten the finished wire with a couple of pairs of pliers much better, too.

Even if your mod only has TC settings for Nichrome you can still use titanium by locking the resistance and setting the temp about half what you would with Nichrome (and hopefully you're doing a dry-wick test anyway to find the max then starting low and working towards it to find the sweet spot).

If you're used to tuning kanthal coils visually by dry firing them and tweaking until the glow evenly inside-out you can still do this with titanium with a dry burn at low wattage (under 10w) in the dark. It takes a good few, long pulses but eventually you'll get a dull red glow you can work with. Just don't be tempted to get a brighter glow and you should be fine.
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