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Buying base from Avoria


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Feb 16, 2016
Hi all,
I wasn't really able to find definite info (plus the not all laws make sense since I moved here a couple months ago as a student).
So here's my question: I fancy buying (and stocking up because of the new laws) some base liquid from Avoria in Germany. I'm thinking between 2 and 4 liters. I vape 3mg, so if I buy 2/4l then I'd buy 0 mg and 6mg, and if I buy 3l, then I'd go with 2x 0mg and 9mg.

The prices incl. shipping would be:
2l - £31
3l - £40
4l - £55

They ship with DHL. Would I be facing any taxes, vat, handling fees etc?

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