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Review Desire Design - Squonk Tank - Stainless Steel


Jul 6, 2018
Squonk that…

Desire Design has come again with the new Squonky tank something which is ideal for the squonker and the people using the stock coils. Desire always impress me personally and how they can get products out there sometimes I think is more needed or is design key. Only time will tell…


Out the Box

The Squonky comes in 2 different colour, Black & Stainless Steel with the black honeycomb resin drip tip. The price has not been issued yet as it is still due for a release date to the public. But I can see this being in the region of $40USD, which is about £32GBP.

The tank has a 2ml glass with the option to squonk when near empty of juice, you can fill It right up and have 9-10ml, that’s a lot of juice to carry and it will out do a regular RDA. The tank is TPD with the provided glass and set up but when linked with a squonk it isn’t. There are loads of spare O-Rings and a spare coil, which is an MTL 0.8ohm ceramic coil.

There is no warranty card in this box as it’s a free sample. Not a lot in this packet this time as it a sample test piece but


The Build

The build quality Desire are chucking out are amazing and I cannot fault any of their work one bit. They seem to be bringing hardware out all the time. Would I say this is an Innovation yes but on design, it looks very old school vaping. Not that it bothers me but it could have been much better with a smaller device.

So, I’ve tried the tank in numerous stages see below;

25w – I started at this w, once primed it started to bring flavour product really well

35w – OMG the flavour was amazing and it worked a treat the cloud was decent and there was a nice hit on the throat I would have like it may be to go up a few more wattages just to give a warmer vape experience.

40w - nice clean flavour very noticeable on the first draw, second pull beautiful…third pull cough…cough, too much in a matter of a minute.

45w - burning burning…revert back to 35w :)

When priming the cotton it took about 10-15 minutes before the flavour was correct to the bottle name, however, you might say what is correct. Something which I have found on previous Mesh coils is that it doesn’t too long to start vaping, however, this one slightly did maybe because it was so compact.

The airflow is really is great and I’m really happy with the how it mixes well with the flavour. The airflow when fully open isn’t too much, but I would advise having it slightly closed.



· High-grade build

· Old school style

· Flavour is amazing

· Twist action top fill

· Great airflow

· Easy coil replacement

· MTL option


· Coils are too compact

· Coils don’t last long

· Have to have the tank open slightly to squonk

· Old design effect

· Quite big for a tank on a squonk



I love Desire, they are one of my favourite companies it is mostly since I have used the Rage kit and Cut. However, are they going to beat that I’m not sure they surely need some more input into where to go next? Am I worried for them not one bit because they know how to please the vapers.

This tank is 100% in addition to anyone who feels the need to go out and get a new tank which has the pros of Squonk and MTL it really is an ace mixed bag.

Now would I buy it? I’m not sure I would, the reason I say It is that the overall experience I felt that an RDA performed much better. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good set up and the performance of the small wattage would keep the batteries lasting an age.


Equipment/Products Used

Mod – Desire Design Rage - Bronze
Tank – Desire Design Squonky Tank – Stainless Steel
E-liquid – Bakers Fog – Strawberry White Chocolate Tart – 70/30 3mg
Coils – Desire – 0.4ohm Single Mesh Coil – 35w
Batteries – eFest 3500 mAh 18650s
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