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Real flavours cola. Coil/cotton killer or is it just me??


Mar 21, 2022
Recently got some real flavours cola concentrate. Mixed it at different levels to see where I like it. 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 and 3.5%
No matter what mix I try it at my cotton falls apart after about 20ml and my coils are absolutely covered in crud. Anyone else tried this and more importantly has anyone tried it successfully? I've tried it with and without sweetener so I'm stumped.
Yep if its the Real SC natural range I only ever used those for low wattage mouth to lung vapes most Super Strength were natural concentrate range barely use any of them now because of the coil issue unless used very very low and most out of date now anyway
RF SC was one of he better colas but not very useable in high watt devices sadly but if you can find it now the original Wrekka by chefs vapour or Reka flavour elsewhere cola type concentrate not their sparkling cola with cooling koolada already added was the cola I found to be closest taste to RF SC and was coil friendly when I was chasing a good cola :)
Many better tasting useable colas out there now imho especially if you are after cola bottles gummy sweet type
Check out reviews at E Lliquid Recipes etc maybe
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