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Vaporesso Armour Max Kit


Feb 27, 2017

Hello to all, first up I'd like to say many many thanks to Joyi from Sourcemore for sending this kit to me for review.



The Armour Max kit comprises of the following, the Armour Max Mod, the iTank 2 with protective rubber covering, two GTI mesh coils which are a .2 ohm rated 60 to 75 watts and a .4 ohm rated 50 to 60 watts, a straight glass tube and a bubble glass, spare O rings, a spare refilling section seal, a nice good length plaited type c charging lead, 2 x 18650 battery sleeves along with the usual user manual, safety guide and warranty card.



Ok, my first impression. This is a brick, like a Gen 200 on steroids. As compact and light the Gen 200 is, think the opposite. Its got some size and weight going on here and when you see the Vaporesso add's for it they dont hide the fact that this is a solid bold mod, hence I guess the reference to American Grid iron players in full kit with the pictures of them that accompany it.

There has been a bit of a dearth, well to me anyway, in regards to dual 21700 mods as you read requests on forums for them and Vaporesso has stepped up here and delivered. It is capable of using 18650s with its supplied battery sleeves, 20700s and 21700s.
Now on the box and in info you will read just 18650s and 21700s. I can assure you I have been using all three types with it working perfectly with them all.

The batteries are fitted via a new battery door system where the door swings down to open at the bottom of the mod with the press of the battery door release button on the back of the mods frame.
It works perfectly, sits flush with the the body with never a hint of accidental opening and closes very firmly and secure. It is a good system.

If I could add just 1 simple thing to improve things in this department I'd add some clearer easier to see battery markers, positive and negative signs, perhaps even just a red and green colour code mark.

Power on, Power off and Lock.
Here we have in keeping with the Max being a bit different a, well, kind of different power button.
Its a big red bold metallic looking octagonal one. The usual five presses turns it on and off but it also incorporates a slide system to lock the mod from firing completely.
Press and slide up to lock and down to unlock. It works well and being big and bold it suits the mod well also.

Ok, this is actually quite small for such a big unit, in fact its just a .96 TFT screen which today is a small screen. My guess is perhaps its part of the protection theme the MAX has going on. Big easy to damage, smaller not so. Again, just a guess.
Anyway, its coloured and provides all the usual info, Mode, Puff count, ohms,individual battery level info displayed in bars and power level.


Alrighty, the Modes that the Armour Max sports will im sure please those who own and know the almost legendary Gen 200 as the Max has a similar operating/selection system for changing settings and a couple of the same preset modes.
Ok, Modes.
F(t) Default mode adjusts automatically temperature, heating speed and time to release the flavours, delivering the perfect balanced tasting experience consistently.
Pulse Mode. Improves vaping experience through constant voltage output, delivering optimal flavour, throat hit, nicotine satisfaction (for those who use nic) and perfect temperature continuously.
Eco Mode. Normal VW mode really.
Temperature Control of SS, NI and TI.


DIY sub menu.
Here you can access the following settings.
Smart Mode - where when you're using the Vaporesso tank and coils it chooses whats considered the best setting.
TCR lock.
Puff Count reset.
Theme colours, Blue, Orange or Green.
Brightness control.
Going into the menus is an easy affair with 3 quick presses of the fire button taking you into the first menu. Here you choose from FT, Pulse, Eco and the Temperature modes.
Y ou can also enter in from here into the Settings section which has Smart on/off, TCR lock, Puff count reset, Colour themes, Brightness and Default.
Accidental raising values of whatever you may have set for vaping can be locked by pressing and holding the up/down + - buttons at the same time.

Ok, i'm going to plagiarise myself here in places as I have reviewed this tank previously.

The iTank 2 is touted as holding 8ml of liquid with the bubble glass and has a Turbo air flow Self Cleaning system. It has an 810 drip tip and sits 59.9 mm high and 25.5 mm wide.
Filling is achieved by pressing a red marked side button that see's the top spring wide open on its own. The fill port is of a good size and allows for fast filling with no issues. You won't have any trouble getting any bottle type to fit. The opening and closing of this tank are solid and precise and should see no accidental opening occur.

Liquid capacity was however, with a presaturated coil fitted, a measured 6.7 ml as opposed to the stated 8ml. No big deal as near 7 ml is a decent amount. But, 6.7 isn't 8!
The Turbo air flow is achieved by what I will call baffles in front of the air intake ports which cause the air to go around them as it enters the base of the tank. This action I imagine creates a vortex of air movement as it enters then travels up through the coil centre.
The Self Cleaning side of things, I assume but am not certain of as I had trouble finding info on it, is possibly due to this Tubo air flow system. Apparently, or so I assume, excess fluid from condensation or leakage is picked up by it.

The Coils, GTI mesh are made with what Vaporesso calls Morph Mesh Structure and use, according to them a fluffier Corex Cotton and are of a push in pull out style which is becoming the most popular type these days. Fitting and removing them is an easy affair.
I did notice that the .4 ohm coil has tiny indent marks on the cotton whereas the .2 ohm did not.
Why the difference im completely baffled.

So how do they perform?

First up was the .2 ohm coil. This time around I used a Capella Licorice mix with 3mg nic.
Taste was great from the get go, no funky flavours from break in.
I liked this Tank the first time I used it and still do although be warned it is a thirsty thing compared to some others like a Geek Vape Zeus and Voopoo UForce L.
The flavour is top notch though and after 100 ml of the Capella went through it the flavour was still strong and I experienced no leaks.
Remember though its a bottom air flow and eventually there will be some build up in the base though you won't, or I haven't at least, experience an overnight liquid dump where the mods top gets saturated.
Next up the .4 ohm coil. It works just fine though I do prefer the .2 ohm as it delivers more flavour to me.
I still have nothing negative I can say about this tank and its coils and given the fact its a bottom air flow one all I can say is the system it employs of its Turbo Air Flow and Self Cleaning works!
I said this last time, if I didn't I should have, it is the best bottom air flow tank I have used to date.
Two thumbs up on the iTank 2!

First up the iTank2. What can I say other than it's one of, if not is, the best bottom air flow tank I have ever used. The coils last, the flavour is fantastic, its almost leak resistant, its super easy to fill with any bottle type and the open/close system is solid.

If I have 1 niggle with it, it is not the actual tank, it's the crazy rubber cover for it. Personally it turns a lovely looking tank into a monstrosity. It's pig ugly in my eyes and makes seeing the juice level a pain in the proverbial. I ditched it within minutes of using it. I couldn't get it off fast enough.
Looks better without it yes? Does to me.

The Mod. I really do like this mod and I absolutely love the battery door system.
The whole thing feels as solid as. I do get though to some its weight and bulky size may be a bit too much but for anyone after a solid 18650/20700/21700 mod this is a good thing.
The screen is on the small side though in my opinion and I would have liked to see a slightly larger one.
Its a shame too that for such a thing as the Max that gets advertised like an American Grid iron player in full kit that it isn't IP rated! I find that odd to have gone through all the trouble to armour plate this thing that it's Achilles heal could simply be a tank leak or juice spill.

Now, I did end up having an issue with the 510 during the fourth week of use. It became a tiny bit loose. It wasn't dropped, it wasn't mis treated. You can move the tank when done up back and forward a mm, just enough to feel it move. I checked the star screws and they are tight, its internal, whatever the top 510 is screwed onto.
Bit of a disappointment really as it kind of negates the tough guy vibe of the whole thing.
Did I unfortunately get one with an isolated issue or will it be one that shows up with others over time? Time will tell I guess and I'm hoping its just an isolated issue.
And, there is 1 more tiny niggle I found with the one I have. The tank sits a bit lop sided on the 510. The top itself looks even so im guessing its screwing in unevenly. Bummer.
Ok, so make of all that what you will. My thoughts is that the Mod could use a bit more attention to detail construction wise. Or was mine an anomaly!?

Many thanks to Joyi and Sourcemore for sending this kit for review.

Stay well everyone wherever you are and have a great 2024, cheers


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Nice review mate. It's a proper brick, and i wouldn't want to carry it outside! I've had the kit for a while, and haven't had any 510 problems, so hopefully it isn't a common problem. Like you i removed that stupid sleeve as it was impossible to see how much juice was in the tank. The ITank and 0.2 GTI coil is all i use 95% of the time these days. Best stock coil DTL/RDTL tank i've ever used.
Hey @Tazz ,

Good to see you can still get gear in Oz ;) Thanks for a very thorough review, not much to wonder about after that :) It is a bit disconcerting to hear about the 510 probs, but they’re the first I’ve heard of, so maybe yours was a fluke :hmm:

This kit, though not for me, should make any cloud chaser happy :14:
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