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MTL Digiflavour Siren V4

Dec 23, 2017
I was sent the new Digiflavour Siren V4 tank to review by @Sourcemore
You can bag one for $18.18 using the discount code: SIRV4


Basic info:
  • 2ml PEI chamber, leakproof top filling design.
  • GTA design deck, easy to build and trim.
  • 22mm diameter, fit for 510 thread device.
  • Semi-hidden AFC structure, precise airflow.
  • Long/Short drip tip options, MTL vaping.
  • 4 kinds of MTL coils and cotton included.
A bit of an odd revision of the Siren as it's worlds apart from the V3, much smaller and pretty much everything is different, personally I think it would have been better off with a whole new name, more on the differences later....

The Siren V4 comes in a rather large box for the size of the tank, it's a solidly Mr Postman proof box that will withstand a full game of sorting office football, there's an outer sleeve and a two piece box.


The RTA is set into a foam padded cell, it looks rather lost but underneath is another box choc full of goodies.


You get the usual spare seals and screws along with an additional shorter 510 drip tip and some beefy paperwork for you to ignore, other than the actual RTA; the highlight for me was the four different coils and wicks, these were all very different options and even included an SS316 coil for TC vaping, very nice indeed.


The Siren V4 is quite a contemporary design and pleasingly short for an RTA, obviously the tall 510 drip tip adds to the height but it's not as tall as it seems relative to the overall size of the tank. The knurling details gave it a little style but for me; the Digiflavour logo branding proved to be an OCD nightmare as it always looked wrong, also, having a filthy mind I saw the logo as 'DP' but I won't go into what I thought that meant :54:


Stripping it down was simple; the main body unscrews, the Amber PEI chamber is a press fit so simply pulls out (it was a little tricky at first), the airflow ring is on a stopper which pulls off when in the closed position, I couldn't find a way to remover the main chamber though, no biggie but it won't be as easy to clean.


Looking at the main deck; the GTA styled raised clamp posts make it really easy to fit your coil and the screws have quite a long throw which makes it less risky to loose your screws, the main airflow is honeycombed and feeds from a semi hidden base air inlet, the wicking ports are base fed and a decent size.


I decided to give a 2mm diameter fused clapton Ni80 coil a try, I went for the longer one to see if it would still wick okay, but it was at this point I noticed that all the coils appeared to be wrapped the wrong way for the post design.


I countered this by kinking the legs as photographed, you can always wrestle the coil upwards once clamped instead but I find this the easiest way, once fitted I found the best height was the top of the coil to be level with the top of the posts which will give the full airflow range around the coil.


Fitting the coil was quite pleasing and required little setting, that said I did have to close it up a little as the coil I chose was a little too long to wick when spaced but this won't be an issue with the other coil with less wraps (or plain round wire). Snipping the legs off was problem free as the posts have a recess and trimming flush to this avoids any potential shorts.


Wicking should have been simple but I had a couple of issues; firstly (as previously mentioned) I found the coil I chose was too long when spaced, the other was the provided cotton was much too thick for 2mm and I had to peel off a small chunk, none of these were deal breakers as they were just part of the learning curve, the next build I tried was far easier.


Since it was only a 2mm coil I found no need to thin the cotton down as the juice ports were just right for this size, on a 2.5mm I would trim it though, the juice ports were pleasingly deep making poking the wick into them hassle free, I then primed up the coil with juice before assembling.

Everything screwed together easily and the threads felt smooth, the top cap unscrews to fill the tank and the knurling really helped to get a decent grip on it, I was expecting that filling it up would be a pain in the ass due to the tiny PEI sections visibility but you can see you level through the decent sized double (penetrating) kidney shaped ports.


So it was time to pop it onto a suitable mod, this was easier than I thought due to the simple styling and the tall mouthpiece, I settled for my beloved Kizoku Techmod which suited it perfectly.

STOP! Vaper time!
So with my favourite juice in the tank I took it for a toot, once I found my wattage sweet spot I turned my attention to the airflow, this was a bitter sweet experience as it is a right pain to adjust once fitted, I ended up taking the tank off the mod to find my desired airflow setting, once I did though I was well happy; the adjustment range is perfect for this MTL tank, ranging from super cheek pulling tight up to a loose MTL, once I set it to my desired draw I found I never needed to adjust it again so I soon forgot about the fiddly procedure.

My Ni80 Clapton coil came out around 1.0ohms and the vape was just my cup of tea for Nic Salt MTL vaping, the flavour was spot on and the airflow was smooth, no spitback or flooding and I had zero leaking issues.

Here's the thing; pretty much everything was what I expected from the Siren V4, I can't fault the vape quality and I much prefer it to the V3, BUT there was no wow factor or a feeling that this was something special, the problem is that I am spoilt with so many great MTL RTA's so it is always going to be tricky to impress me, this is a great little RTA and sits up there with them but nothing that stands out as exceptional if that makes sense?

I really like the skinny tall drip tip, I did try some of my other favourites but this one just worked and helped make the vape feel a bit different, I will be looking out for these tips for some of my other MTL tanks.

The PEI section was a bit shit though, it kinda looked good as the Amber (not pissy colour Ultem) gave it a little character but the juice visibilty just wasn't there, I had to hold it up at an angle in the light to see, more often than not I found a hint of a dry hit telling me it was refill time.

For anyone still hunting for that ideal 22mm MTL RTA then the Siren V4 is a very worthy contender, the short height adds to its appeal and one of the easiest RTA 's to build and wick.

Siren V3 vs Siren V4
So, onto what the difference is between the V4 and V3, visually it is more than obvious:


They are like chalk and cheese and don't appear to share any traits that make them a 'family', they don't even look like the same manufacturer with the DF logo instead of the 'S' siren logo, I really believe Digiflavor should have just started a new line with the V4 and called it something new, perhaps a quirky name like 'Dog Fart RTA V1' so they can still keep the 'DF'.

Both tanks are superb by the way, the vape is very different and the V3 will do RDL and borderline DL and suits some lower ohm builds as well as high ohm, the V3 also suits the Digiflavor Z1 mod perfectly, popping the V4 onto it is well............. I will just let you see for yourself.


The Siren V4 isn't just a case of the 'Emperors New Clothes' is is a different animal entirely, you can't even call it an upgrade as it's just that much different, it's possibly closer to the V2 than the V4.

Not to say that it's bad, in fact it's a superb MTL RTA, the height and performance earns its place in my regular use rotation and an enjoyable tank to build and rewick, there's a couple of flaws but none would put me off.

  • Flavour & Vape quality.
  • Perfect MTL airflow range.
  • Easy to build and wick.
  • Short height.
  • Contemporary styling makes it easy to pair with mods.
  • Generous bundle.
  • Poor juice visibility.
  • Fiddly airflow control ring.
Final Thoughts
Despite some of my nit-picking I really like this little tank, it has replace at least two from my rotation due to the size and ease of build, the flavour and vape is on par so it's an upgrade and I'm happy with it.

There was no 'wow' factor or innovation for me but I think I'm spoilt, anyone new to MTL will get a degree of wow due to the performance and vape quality, experienced users that like the size and looks will likely enjoy it too as long as the niggles aren't deal breakers.
Great review VS. Gives me a full picture of what it is like. I'm not rushing to pick this one up but may do at some point.
I’m glad it’s not just me that can’t see how much liquid is in there with the piss coloured tank :P
Blimey, that's a bit of a change. The V3 is an excellent tank but I think they've had Rick Moranis design this one.
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