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Vapefly Brunhilde SBS mod


May 14, 2016
Vapefly Brunhilde SBS 100w review by Antony Lord

Believe it or not I haven’t owned a side by side (SBS) mod up until this point despite vaping for the last 5 years. I have always been put off by the odd button placement and the fact that it’s easy to accidentally block your airflow because of this, and SBS mods have mainly been single 18650 mods in the past which isn’t always the most practical application as I tend to vape in the 50 to 60 watt range leading to poor battery life.

I got over the odd button placement recently whilst using the Aspire Boxx and as someone who uses Boro devices and the DotAIO I’m more than used to having to adjust the way I have to hold devices so as not to obstruct the airflow. The final hurdle has always been that single 18650 battery, I tend to favour single 21700 mods for daily use as they offer a good balance between size/weight and battery life at my typical wattage range, so when the Vapefly Brunhilde SBS 100w appeared it grabbed my attention and our friends over at Sourcemore have been kind enough to send one out for me to review.

  • 52.4 x 27 x 85.5 mm / 145.2 grams
  • Single 21700 battery / 2A fast charge
  • Wattage/Bypass/TC modes
  • Output 5~100w / 0.5~8.0v
  • Resistance range 0.08~3.5 ohms
  • 0.91” OLED display

The Vapefly Brunhilde SBS 100w is available on its own or as a Kit with the Kriemhild 2 tank and comes in seven different colours, including some that will probably appeal more to the opposite sex, I was sent the classic Black version which looks rather fetching with its stainless steel highlights on the bottom and the 510 plate. As I was sent the Brunhilde SBS on its own there’s not a lot of extras besides the obvious USB cable, 18650 battery adapter and a brief user manual, it is all well packaged though and the main chassis comes with a clear plastic protector installed to prevent scratches etc. whilst in transit which is always nice to see, this also includes a plastic protector on the underside of the mod and I chose to keep this on.


When removing the Brunhilde SBS from the box it has a reassuring weightiness to it coming in at about 145 grams, add in a 21700 battery and an atomiser here and you’re looking at about 284 grams all in. This is by no means a pocket buster but you will be aware of its presence so if you prefer lightweight mods this may not be your ideal choice. This weight does help impart a quality feel though and I can tell you after almost three weeks of solid use that the paintwork has also held up beautifully which helps highlight the deeply engraved wing design on either side. The power and up/down buttons are all metal (something of a rarity these days) with a reassuringly tactile click and no button rattle which makes this a pleasure to use.


The spring loaded 510 platform is 25mm across and I was pleasantly surprised at how versatile this was, there’s even room for a modest sized bubble tank in some cases. The 33.5 mm drop from the top of the battery cap to the 510 plate also means that quite a few of my atomisers looked good on here so I was spoilt for choice. I’ve mostly been using it with the Dovpo Blotto single coil but discovered the other day that the aspire Kumo is a great matchup because the higher set airflow means I don’t need to worry about accidentally blocking it off with my fingers in use.


The battery tube has a simple screw on cap and polarity is very clearly marked with a spring loaded positive connector in the base. One criticism I would have here is that the threads do have a slightly crunchy quality to them and you do need to push down slightly on the battery cap to engage the first threads, this did however easily pass both of my oversized battery tests with ease and it’s nice to see some emergency venting built into the top cap.

Should you need to use the on board charging capability there’s a handy USB-C charge port on the front and I recorded a peak charge rate of around 1.78 amps, I’d still recommend using an external charger whenever possible though.


The screen is on the underside of the mod, there’s some additional venting holes here and you can also see that the Brunhilde SBS mod has a subtle teardrop design. One handy hidden feature I found that isn’t mentioned in the manual is that you can put this in stealth mode by pressing the power and down buttons which you may want to consider as this is a very bright screen, you definitely won’t have any issues reading this when you’re outside.

You get all the usual built in protections you’d expect from a modern board anong with wattage, bypass and temperature control modes. The board seems very responsive and consistent with its power delivery throughout the battery life, there is boost capability here as well with a 8 volt output but sadly no voltage mode for those of you that prefer that as an option.

  • Solid construction
  • Good performance
  • Fits a wide range of atomisers
  • 21700 battery

  • Battery cap threads a bit crunchy
  • A bit on the heavy side


As I’d never used a SBS mod before I started this review with a slight amount of trepidation as I wasn’t sure I was going to like this from a practical sue standpoint. I’m happy to report that this hasn’t been the case though and the Vapefly Brunhilde SBS has proved to be a very versatile and dependable piece of kit with a solid well performing board performing well throughout. I’m particularly impressed with the number of atomisers that sit nicely on here, something that isn’t always the case with SBS designs, top airflow atomisers are particularly good here as you won’t need to worry about accidentally blocking the airflow either.

I’d go as far as saying this is probably one of the standout mods I’ve used this year. If you’ve always steered clear of SBS mods in the past, or find single 18650 mods impractical, then this might just change your mind about the whole idea.

Many thanks to Sourcemore for sending the Vapefly Brunhilde mod out for review.



edit: forgot to add in the discount code Sourcemore sent:

$48.31 - Vapefly Brunhilde SBS 100W Mod
Code: SBSM
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Had mine a few weeks now and love it so posting this not as a criticism but just a thing that users/buyers should be aware of.

I've had the fire button sticking on a couple of times now, it's no big deal and the button can be released with another push and wobble, as long as you notice! the one I have is as clean as the day I opened it and has not seen any fluid leaks.

Looked online for "brunhilde fire button sticking" and found this on the Ecigclick review site :-

"The button itself doesn’t quite protrude enough for me and there is also an internal ring inside the button which is a huge dirt trap.


The fire button has a nice soft click to it, however my fire button has got stuck a number of times which has in turn fired the tank until I was able to free the button – not great."

I'm certainly not put off by this minor niggle and now there becoming available at better prices will be buying another.
yep, use this mod daily, button can get stuck but it is rare, other than that its fkin solid
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