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Vaper Expo May 22


Aug 19, 2015
So who is going to the Expo that is on 27th to 29th May 22?

Been over 2 years since the last one and they have both dates up on there site for May and October 22.
I'm thinking about it my life needs some normality I'm not sure how they will run the show though, with whatever variant is floating about and all the restrictions....
I'm guessing the lack of replies is an indication of peoples feelings about attending.
a room full of hundreds or even a couple of thousand is not a great idea at the moment.
a room full of hundreds or even thousands blowing masive clouds into the air which i guess carries breath particles is imo a disaster waiting to happen. i also guess they will most prob want a covid test result before entry but there are scumbags online selling fake reports so even if a few slip the net who are positive how much could this spread with hundreds walking through the clouds for hours.
I would like to know how they are going to do it as well, I wonder if they will do tests at the door before entry, doing a test before you go is only accurate at that time of the test because as soon as you go out the room/house or someone comes in the room/house you can catch covid from someone/thing you touch.
Will it be a set amount of people allowed in at anytime, have to wear a mask all the time or other rules.
lateral flow tests take 30 minutes. i cant see them having maybe hundreds standing outside while they wait for the test to complete. then if a mask must be warn at all times no one will take notice as they will want to vape.
Well over 4 months away, Omicron might've seen covid-19 off by then, or significantly downgraded, thus everything might be tickety boo :hmm:
Apparently I’m going .
Not sure if I’m going to be eye candy for the stand or just walk round stealing a years supply of juice
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