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1 year ago today

I still have all my pipes too. I only owned 1 Peterson, but sold it as I didn't like the way it smoked. Still have a lot of pipe baccy, but I use that only for making net ejuice now.
Quitting smoking makes such momentous changes for the better to your health, your finances and relationships that it`s worth marking the occasion and maybe even give yourself a pat on the back and a little treat out of what you`ve saved. I was a heavy smoker for over 40 years and unfortunately some of the damage that I did to my health is permanent and it`s heartbreaking that I cant join in with my great grandkids but on the plus side at least I`m still here to enjoy the time that I can spend with them, well done.
Welcome. The decision you made a year ago is probably the best ever decision you ever made, and I agree it can become a really addicting hobby , but a much healthier hobby than smoking, you were lucky that you found a helpful vape shop first time, so many only want to make a sale
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