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C + O Frame Enclosures!


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Apr 16, 2024
Hey everyone, long time lurker but finally joined up. I'm looking at building a new mod! I've built a few PWMs using standard V3 enclosures but I'd like to try something different for my partner since she loves resin type designs. I've seen some really cool builds using SS/aluminium C & O frames, but since I've got pretty minimal tools, are these frames available anywhere? If not are there any guides on how to bend them? Basically the idea is to build either a 2 panel (acrylic) O frame DNA mod, or a C frame with curved acrylic panel. I'll be planning to use DNA boards so can cut out the holes for the faceplate. Your advice would be very much appreciated! I'm based in the UK and Indonesia if that matters at all. There are a lot of metal workers in Indonesia but I don't really know what to spec for them!
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