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TCR Question.

One of the more valued Folk who used to populate this place. I "believe", though I'm not 100% certain in this, that he moved abroad due to work.
@John R ? So being the Luddite I am, I'm better off just using the Mod's Ni, SS316L etc settings as I can get just what I'm after with those anyway?

If only life was that simple, it comes down to the implementation of the algorithm by the mod/chip manufacturer. Unfortunately they're not all the same. Hence you get statements like Dicodes>DNA>Yihi with some others giving passable results, like but not limited to vaporesso. The only true way of knowing is, does the mod do as you expect? Does it throttle down when the tank goes dry and does it burn the wick? Can you feel it sometimes kick in power for no reason whatsoever, then fall off a cliff?
Thanks for the replies guys. The Yihi menu's are a pita to me. I switched to a normal Kanthal Coil in the end lol. I prefer DNA Mods, just switch to the wire your using and your done. Thanks for the list @John R it will come in handy, i copied and pasted it in my notepad. It is Steam Engine that totally freaked me out. I put what i wanted into the Coil Builder and thought wtf. I wanted a 1 ohm coil made with Ni200 and it came back with something like me needing 76 full wraps, so i left it till i got on here. They have TCR for Ni200 as 600 but on more investigating there were more people saying 620 as yours says.
The ohms of the coil is kinda irrelevant in TC, as long as there is enough for the mod to sense a resistance change, in technical parlance, resistive sensitivity, I find usually 6-8 wraps is usually enough. Then the coil should be enough to be above the minimum the mod will fire at,

Some of my NiFe30 coils come in 0.15-0.2 ohms, unheard of for MTL where in wattage you'd normally be trying to get to 1 ohm.
In the same breath, Steel is so insensitive, you need those magic 8 wraps for the mod to sense the resistance change.
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