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Aug 1, 2012
We're so busy it's unreal. Since October we've had maybe triple the amount of orders, assuming that it's just a temporary thing have been working to the bone.

Nearly April now and it's clearly not temporary although things have slacked off a little as they always do this time of the year.

We took someone on part time to spool wires but there's a huge backlog of wire for them to get through.

Blame Fidget Spinners

We're relocating to the North at the End of May, near Hull and have someone lined up to work full time for us. That's going to allow us to be able to keep up more with wire and mod part production.

So don't be concerned about us, we're not going anywhere we're just struggling to keep up with production and are taking steps to remedy things.

I'm really sorry this has happened. I know lots of you rely on us and it sucks you're having to shop elsewhere.

When we relocate the plan is to buy more winding equipment specifically tailored for respooling the mega thing wires that are being requested and to expand out range to accommodate those.

There's some other seriously cool stuff in the pipeline too but I can't say much at the moment. Please be patient with us :)
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Thanks for the update, I know it has been mentioned elsewhere on the forum. I need your wire quick. Nearly resorting to buying Twisted Messes wire.
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Ok, add your requests here and we'll try to do them in order. Our wire winding guy was off sick last week so we slipped further behind.

If you could add them like this that would be helpful then I can mark them as spooled as they're done

#1 26g kanthal 25m SPOOLED
#2 24g 316 10m
#3 you get the idea :)
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