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Vaping on BBC3

As there's no source given who knows but from a quick google it seems the average nicotine content of 20 fags is 22-36mg and a legal disposable will contain at most 20mg of nicotine. You would feel distinctly unwell very quickly if you vaped 10ml with 200mg of nicotine in an illegal vape. He's an arsehole.

i don’t think it would be vapeable.
I couldn't be bothered but a mate of mine decided to complain to the BBC. The gist of his complaint was the programme was neither a balanced or impartial representation of vaping and overall was very negative about vaping and specifically it did not seek out let alone put across the views of the large numbers of smokers who have given up through vaping or that vaping is significantly less harmful than smoking.

The laughable response he got back is below.

Dear ,

Thank you for contacting the BBC and watching BBC Three.

We were sorry to read you had concerns about 'Jordan North: The Truth about Vaping' on 20 March.

In this programme, Jordan North set out to decide, once and for all, if it's time he quit vaping.

The programme explained that Jordan was a vaper himself, and took this up to help reduce the number of cigarettes he smokes.

The programme, through the presenter, sought to answer some questions, such as:
Is vaping bad for you or not? If so, how bad?
What’s inside them, and how do they work?
Are they all the same, or are some more harmful than others?
Do we know what the long-term impact of vaping has on our health?

Overall, the programme presented a fair and balanced discussion on vaping, highlighting the positive contribution that vaping can make when helping people stop smoking whilst also discussing the potential risks of vaping on long term health, including recent concerns raised by the World Health Organisation on the use of all e-cigarette products.

Throughout the programme, the difference between legal and illegal vapes was made very clear.

That said, your concerns were noted.

This is where feedback such as yours is very much valued by the BBC as it tells us what users think we're getting right, and of course what they think we're getting wrong.

Please be assured that your concerns were sent to senior staff at BBC Three and senior management via our daily report.

Thanks again for taking the time to get in touch.

This is our response at Stage 1a of the BBC’s complaints process. If you’re dissatisfied with this reply, a follow-up complaint may be considered at Stage 1b. You must submit a follow-up within 20 working days through the BBC Complaints webform. If you do decide to contact us again, please include your case number, and explain why you feel your complaint has not been addressed. We will then review your complaint.

Kind Regards,

BBC Complaints Team

the bbc complaints team are a disparate bunch of homeworkers. since way before covid made this common. i used to know a guy who did it and some of his stories were pretty funny.
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