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The future of vaping............

I have a rough idea how much it costs but does anyone apart from the company that makes liquid know the true cost. My Scalping comment was mainly aimed at Mods and Tanks. With E-Liquid i agree there might be an initial outlay but don't try to convince me that this high initial outlay continues throughout the E-Liquid Process and E-Liquid Makers are producing E-Liquid for a few Pence per bottle because i don't believe it. Don't get me wrong i am not saying they all do but i would say there is a fair few out there that do scalp people. I have seen Companies have closing down sales where their prices are still higher than what you can get it for elsewhere. Shoot me down for my opinions but don't try and tell me it doesn't happen because you are fooling yourself.
When you buy e-liquid from most shops or online stores it will first have gone through a distributor that will add their costs for handling/storage/transportation/delivery to individual point of sale, then the final seller must apply a substantial mark up to the price to cover their business leasehold costs/rents/rates/employee wages to enable them to make a profit.

Of course the final cost of purchase bears little resemblance to initial manufacturing costs - this applies to everything you buy.
There are tonnes of hidden costs , lost mail, packaging, labels, inks for label printers and normal printers, bottles, lab consumables, pumps, postage ( we charge a few quid ) its always more. All this before you even buy a litre of good quality concentrate for 70-90quid. Then the rest of the stuff. I can tell you now that this is not the money maker some of you seem to think it is.

It was once, don't get me wrong, but it is now not by any stretch.

edit - also I do it all by hand, so I dread to think of the extra costs that come with machinery maintenance etc
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This is the future of vaping ..and the future is now!

Vape display regs.png

Vape flavours regs.png

Vape packaging regs.png

Easy pickings for politicians as opposed to doing something about the health service.
From what I’ve read from the legislations thus far is:

Disposables are been outright banned which nearly everyone has no issues with.

Flavours will probably be restricted to only Mint, Menthols, Tobacco and maybe some fruits if we’re lucky.

Non nicotine eliquid will go up by £1 per 10ml, nicotine eliquid of less than 10.9mg will go up by £2 per 10ml and nicotine eliquid with more than 11mg will go up by £3 per 10ml so those who vape salts for pods will essentially double and short fills will be £35 roughly with two nic shots for 3mg. It’s going to be expensive for the average vaper.

Most B&M vape shops may have to close up shop due to the huge amount of tax been imposed to keep their physical store running and may migrate to selling online or selling their stocks to other vendors to sell off. Places like Ecigone, Vaping 101, VPZ and other major vaping outlets will most likely survive but feel the financial sting. That’s only my hypothesis.

DIY I don’t think will be effected too much since the flavourings (one shots might get away with it as well), VG and PG are used in the food industry and it won’t be in the governments best interest to tax it but DIY will feel the financial sting when it comes to the nicotine itself so you’ll still get flavourings, PG and VG after the legislations are put through. Plus I don’t think the government cares about the DIY side of things since it’s such a niche and will continue to be a niche.

My plans are to vape like it’s 2013/2014 by vaping in a 0.5ohm+ restrictive direct lung configuration, cutting my nicotine strength by half from 3mg to 1.5mg and I’ve already started mixing my own eliquids, in fact either at the Expo or after the Expo I’ll be buying a bulk of 30ml concentrates from Alchemist Cupboard, Chefs Flavours and Nom Nomz. I’ve pretty much stocked up on nicotine but will probably top up again before the legislations kick in.

Out of all the vapers in the UK I’d say a good portion will probably go back to smoking once they can no longer get disposables, some maybe lucky and just never vape or smoke again. Some vapers just don’t care that they’ll be restricted to mint, menthol and tobacco flavours and won’t care about paying extra for it. The more hobbyist vapers will probably give DIY ago and stick with it and a large portion will give DIY ago then give up from failing to make anything good then resort to buying from those in closed groups who can mix or buy from dodgy corner shop dealers with bathtub eliquids which will no doubt cause a surge of health issues.

We’ll survive but there will be a very clear two different types of vapers and us real hobbyists will be very few and far between.
Guess who makes 'medicinal'' ecigs for Australia. They basically handed the vape market to big tobacco, this is the future that Streeting wants.

prescription ecig.jpeg
my concern is the cost of base mix. Paying around £5 for 1 litre currently, which will cost upwards of £125 with vat and the additional tax. Thats insane.

What!? Just how much tax are they talking about?
I don't evem know what changes are being proposed if someone would like to briefly fill me in but I've got litres of nic' in the freezer and if they don't ban concentrates I'll not be affected personally. Feeling it for all the vape businesses by the sound of things.
Ah well... I always had a feeling that one day I will need to replace water in my heating circuit with the Glycerine... Of course, it will require annual replacement...
Will they ban/tax the heat pump heat transfer media too? :]
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